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These images were created to center Black people and more specifically, Black joy. There was also an emphasis on the importance of centering Black students. The center wasn't for me, it was for the students and it was incredibly important to both me and the students to make sure our programing, branding and promotional materials promoted them.

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For the 2022 College of Liberal Arts Teach in at Cal Poly, I presented a presentation about the importance of AfroFuturism for imaging a new future that centers Black people. The work centered Black scholars artists and creators and their instrumental work exploring Black futures across the African Diaspora.

My Work at BAEC

  • Established new strategies and partnerships on and off-campus to elevate programming centering on Black-identified people.  

  • Developed and implemented a volunteer program that communicated opportunities, coordinated events efficiently, and tracked volunteer engagement.  

  • Created educational presentations and hosted dialogues surrounding Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.  

  • Assisted administration in finding mental health resources for Black students on campus and promoted them using Instagram and promotional flyers.  

  • Created social media content and designs for Instagram using Canva and Adobe Creative Suite.  

  • Distributed engaging promotional materials, including social media posts on Instagram, newsletters on MailChimp, listserv emails, and website content.  

  • Created graphic designs to promote student centers featured on stickers, sweatshirts, t-shirts, and official materials. 

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